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**Schedule is subject to change **


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-Leveled workshops are based on WSDC eligibility. 
Level 1: Newcomer & Novice (and above), Level 2 - Intermediate (and above), Level 3 - Advanced (and above)

To take higher level workshops, please audition on Saturday at the 9:30AM Level Test.

*Level Test upgrades do not apply to the Level 4 Workshop or competitor critiques.*


-All marshaling will be held in the diamond room. Marshaling for each division will start during the previous division and will be announced and posted in the main ballroom.

-If you are not in the marshaling line on time, you may be scratched from competition with no refund of your fee, so please be on time and ready.

-Westie Challenge and All Korean J&J are closed to followers. Westie Challenge registration for leaders will close Saturday at 11:59PM.

-For all other competitions, registration closes 1 hour before that day's competitions begin. Please sign up and pay on DanceConvention or during Registration Desk hours.


-Please note that the Registration Desk is NOT open during competitions and plan your check in accordingly.

-The Registration Desk will be open at the local social on Wednesday from 8PM - 9:30PM for those wishing to check in early

-If you are afraid you will miss Registration Desk hours, please contact us via Facebook or Email ( and we will find a way to get you checked in!


-When not in use for workshops, marshaling, etc. both the Diamond Room (11F) and Sapphire Room (2F) are available for private lessons.

-We do not facilitate private lessons, so be sure to contact the pros directly in advance to set up lessons.

-Depending on schedules, you may have to share space for privates, so please be respectful.


-There will be 10 minute breaks between workshops on Saturday and Sunday.

-There will be social/dance breaks intermittently during contests.

-We will do our best to keep the schedule running on time and get everyone on the social dance floor as early as possible,but we ask for your help in being where you need to be on time. If you're not sure where you need to be, feel free to ask our staff.

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