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As of  September 2021, nationals from the 112 countries that are eligible for visa-free entry to Korea should apply for K-ETA for entry to Korea.

The Korean government announced that as of April 1, 2023 passport holders of the following countries will be exempt from K-ETA:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Macao, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, US (including Guam)

Overview of K-ETA

How to apply

Click the "Apply" button above to go to the official K-ETA website. (Beware of NON-OFFICIAL websites and agencies.) Or download the K-ETA app. If you use the mobile website or app you can take a picture of your passport and take a photo with your phone, so it's a bit more convenient, but it's also possible to apply via computer. One person can apply by proxy for up to 30 people. 

1. Select your nationality and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
2. Provide a valid passport number and valid email address (where you will receive your approved K-ETA).

3. Enter passport information (Nationality, gender, full name, DOB, passport number, expiration date)
    *You can upload a picture of your passport and the data will be filled in automatically! (But check it anyway,

      because if your personal information is wrong, you may need to re-apply and pay again.)
4. Enter Application Info (phone number, Purpose of entry, address in Korea (see below), contact number in Korea, 

    hotel bookings, etc.)
    *For "Purpose of Entry" we recommend selecting "Tour - Individual Travel" for ease of entry. This just means

      you plan to travel on your own, and are not coming on a with a large group via tour company.
    *The hotel address is: 48-27, Gonghang-ro 424beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. 22382

     When searching for the hotel, we recommend entering Gonghang-ro 424beon-gil and selecting 48-27 from the       dropdown menu
5. Pay the application fee. 
6. Receive your results via email.

When to apply

You may receive your K-ETA as soon as 30 minutes after applying, but if there is a high number of applications, it may take more than 72 hours to process. We recommend applying about a week in advance to ensure that your application is approved before you travel. 
If you're planning on staying for a while, check the possible length of stay for your country by clicking on the "List of Countries" button at the bottom of this page. (Most countries have a 30-90 day visa-free entry.)

Your K-ETA is valid for 2 years from the date of approval, so you can come back next year or come visit us anytime for the next 2 years without re-applying! 

How much

The cost for K-ETA is 10,000 KRW (~$9-$10 USD).

It is non-refundable, so please fill out the application carefully.
Additional fees for online payment may apply.
If a site tries to charge you more than 10,000 KRW + reasonable fees, it is a scam! Be sure use the official site.

Who should apply

For the full list of countries that need K-ETA, click the link below.
If traveling with a group K-ETA application by proxy is available, and one person can apply for up to 30 people and make the payment at once. 

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