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​웨스티 코리아 수요일 정모 댄스

​매주 수요일은 웨스트 코스트 스윙 댄스 동호회 '웨스티 코리아(Westie Korea)' 정모날입니다. 

이벤트 전 일찍 한국에 도착해서 관광하시는 외국인 댄서들이 항상 하고 싶어하는 것 중 하나가, 로컬 소셜 댄스에 방문하는 것입니다. 


따뜻한 가족 같은 분위기의 한국 정모를 체험할 수 있는 수요일 정모,

많이 참석하셔서 이벤트 전 친구도 미리 사귀고, 이벤트의 설레임을 느껴보세요.

매주 우리의 놀이터가 되어주는 '웨스티스(Westies')'에서 많은 외국인 댄서들과 특별한 추억을 만들어 보세요!

Pre-Event Activities

We are organizing a few activities for those arriving early. These are a good opportunity to make friends with other event attendees from all over the world and experience the local food and culture.

Some things to remember:
*Please pre-register. If you're coming with friends, register them too! Last year we took up the whole restaurant, so we want to make sure we have enough space.

**Please bring cash. Most Korean meals are shared and paid as a group, not individually, so we will calculate the bill and collect money to pay at the end and the end of the meal! Please prepare at least 30,000KRW in cash for meals. 

***We provide the general area based on convenient locations for corresponding activities, but the exact location will be provided after we check the number of attendees and make a reservation an a suitable restaurant.

****Korean restaurants usually serve one main food, and don't have a lot of other options. So if you have dietary restrictions or preferences that don't allow you to eat certain things, you may want to eat something before you come as the options are often limited to only side dishes, but you are more than welcome to come hang out!

Fried Chicken Wings

Wednesday Dinner (4/10)

Chi-Maek in Gangnam
6PM (before local social)

Chi-maek means Korean fried chicken and beer, recently made even more famous by K-dramas. Even if you don't drink beer, you can still come enjoy the fried chicken!

Wednesday is an election day in Korea, so dinner and social will be a little earlier than usual! We'll meet up for dinner at 6 and head to Westies at around 7 or 7:30.

*Location TBD

but Wednesday dinner will be near the local social at Westies.
Please prepare at least 30,000KRW in cash.

Korean Barbecue

Thursday Dinner (4/11)

Korean BBQ in Hongdae

K-BBQ, which is pork or beef grilled right at the table with a variety of side dishes, is now famous all over the world, but the orignial is still the best! We'll have our BBQ party in Hongdae (near Hongik University Station), a popular area for young people in Korea.

If you are attending the tour on Thursday, we can head to Hongdae as a group. For those coming later in the day who still want to attend, the station is on the AREX (Airport Express) Subway line, so you can come straight from the Event Hotel or the Airport.

*Location TBD. 
Please prepare at least 30,000KRW in cash


Thursday Tour

4/11 9AM ~ 6PM 

Join us for a tour of some of the best spots in Seoul! Check the link below for sign up and details:

Meeting location is near Gyeongbokgung Palace (Gyeongbokgung Subway Station)
Please prepare at least 15,000KRW in cash

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